Use the explorer to have a better understanding of how people in the different cities are satisfied with their life, with various aspects of their urban life, employment opportunities, presence of foreigners, public transports and other conditions of life p in their cities. Compare your selected city with other European[…]

Cities, wellbeing and culture in Europe

Cultural Participation

Use the explorer to have a comparative understanding on the extent of social and demographic barriers of cultural participation. The dashboard data is based the open source data sets of the two latest Eurobarometer surveys on the topic. By clicking on the link (below) you can use the dashboard to[…]

Explorer for cultural participation

The Europa-Nova Monitor aim is to build a library of scientific articles released by the Europa-Nova Academy members.  

Europa-Nova Monitor

The Soundscape Festival is organised under the auspices of ENALA (European Network for Applied Landart). ENALA is an international project (started 2012) to create a hub for initiatives and stakeholders in rural areas and cultural landscapes from 2012 until 2014. It is coordinated and organized by three project partners of[…]

Soundscape Festival

REUSE & RE-DESIGN PRODUCT AND CONCEPT STOCK / WAREHOUSE Are environment and social wellfair important to you? Do you like design? Make business with our social enterprises! The aim is to help social economy through the implementation of business Redesign & Reuse to a sustainable recovery of the labor market[…]


Elemér Hankiss is professor of sociology at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium. He has taught in European and American universities and has served as senior scientist for the Gallup Organization, chairman of Hungarian Public Television, and managing editor of the English-American Section of Europa Publishing House. He has[…]

Elemér Hankiss